Discover Kattadikadavu : A Traveler’s Guide

Kattadikadavu view point
Kattadikadavu view point

Kattadikadavu is a remarkable hill that offers breathtaking views from its summit. This place is a surefire way to relieve stress and is quickly establishing itself as a sought-after trekking destination near Thodupuzha in the Idukki district of Kerala.

Kattadikadavu viewpoint

The scenic hills and misty atmosphere are its major draws. To reach the viewpoint, one must take a 1-2 km journey from the main road, where there are a few small shops facing the starting point of the off-road trail. Please note that access to the main road to this place is restricted to foot traffic only.

Kattadikadavu – Weekend Getaway

Individuals who are feeling drained from their busy weekly routines should consider a weekend escape to Kattadikadavu viewpoint in Idukki for a thrilling and peaceful getaway.

Kattadikadavu view point

This adventure-packed location promises to provide quick refreshment and rejuvenation for even the most tired individuals. Its misty atmosphere and awe-inspiring landscapes are certain to leave you spellbound. With a journey time of just 1-2 hours from Idukki, this picnic spot is conveniently accessible and ideal for those seeking a break from their daily grind.

Kattadikadavu – A Rising Trekking Spot

Located in Thodupuzha near Vannapuram, Kattadikadavu is a sought-after trekking destination in Kerala that attracts many trekkers on a regular basis. If you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of this picnic spot, then trekking is the best way to do so.

Kattadikadavu viewpoint

However, reaching this place can be challenging due to the poor road conditions, so it’s advisable to park your vehicle safely at a location down the main road before starting your trek. Your journey through the private agricultural lands will continue along well-marked trails, with helpful signboards guiding you all the way to Kattadikadavu. With its promise of adventure and scenic views, this trekking destination is not to be missed and you will get beautiful Katadikadavu photos from the peak.

Kattadikadavu distance from major cities

Kattadikadavu Offline Map

If you’re looking to visit Kattadikadavu Thodupuzha is the nearest major town. Once you arrive at Cochin International Airport or Ernakulam railway station, you can easily reach Thodupuzha by hiring a taxi or taking a bus. This viewpoint is approximately 25 kilometers from Thodupuzha and 35 kilometers from Muvattupuzha. If you’re coming from Idukki Township, it’s a 33-kilometer journey to this peaceful getaway.

Kattadikadavu view point

  • From Thodupuzha (25km): via Thodupuzha – Vannapuram – Mundanmudi – Kattadikadavu
  • From Ernakulam (68km) : Ernakulam – Muvattupuzha – Vannapuram – Mundanmudi – KattadiKadavu
  • From Idukki Township: Idukki Township – Cheruthoni – Chelachuvadu – Kattadikadavu

Tourist Attractions Near Kattadikadavu

If you’re planning a nature-filled weekend tour in and around Idukki, you’ll find numerous hidden gems worth visiting near Kattadikadavu. The well-known Thommankuthu Waterfalls is just 12 kilometers away, while other nearby attractions include Blathykavala or Kallippara. You can even reach the Viewpoint on foot, which is only 1-2 kilometers away from the main road.

Inside, you’ll find stone-made bed structures and chairs, making it a unique and memorable experience. From the hilltop, you’ll have a panoramic view of Kochin Refinery and glimpses of other breathtaking sights such as the Thommankuthu Waterfall, Meenuliyanpara, Moolamattom, Neendapara, and Adimali. This nature’s paradise promises to offer an unforgettable experience. The Katadikadavu weather will help you to enjoy the beaytiful moment.

Get ready for an action-packed weekend by heading to this natural paradise. Pack your bags and rev up your engines for an adventure of a lifetime.
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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I get to Kattadikadavu view point?

Visitors who arrive at the Cochin International Airport or Ernakulam railway station can take a taxi or bus to Thodupuzha and then proceed to Kattadikadavu. The picnic spot is located approximately 25 kilometers from Thodupuzha and 35 kilometers from Muvattupuzha. It is also around 33 kilometers away from the town of Idukki.

Where is Kattadikadavu located?

Kattadikadavu is located in Idukki district, Kerala.

Is there any petrol stations nearby Katadikadavu

The nearest petrol stations are in Vannappuram (7-10km)

What attractions are near Kattadikadavu view point?

Attractions near Kattadikadavu view point are:
Thommankuthu Waterfalls (about 12 KM), Anayadikuth Waterfalls (about 11 KM), Mamuniyara (0 KM), Venmany View Point: (about 1.5 KM),Punnayar Waterfalls: (about 17 KM) and Kottappara Hills: (about 11 KM).


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